Attorney for Woods 911 caller speaks


ORLANDO, Fla. – Tiger Woods did not look like he was hit in the face with a golf club.

Elin, his wife, did not look like she was angry over a fight with her husband.

Those were among the central points the attorney for the family that made the 911 call the night of the accident wanted to make clear in a news conference Tuesday in downtown Orlando.

'The question about scratches on his face, the scratches were consistent with someone in a minor car accident,' said Bill Sharpe, the attorney for Jerome and Linda Adams and their family, neighbors of Woods. 'The injuries did not look like he had been beaten up by a golf club. None of the injuries looked like he had been beaten up by his wife.

Sharpe said the family heard no argument, only the crash before racing outside and observing Woods lying on the road with his wife over him. He said the family has been beseiged by calls and want media to know they told police all they know and told the truth.