Augusta area struck by 4.1 magnitude earthquake


Mother Nature apparently has it out for the residents of Augusta, Ga.

Just days after a serious ice storm moved through the region, leaving a trail of debris that passed through famed Augusta National Golf Club, the Augusta area served as the epicenter of a 4.1 magnitude earthquake late Friday night.

While the brunt of the shaking was centered near Augusta at 10:23 p.m. ET Friday, the earthquake was reportedly felt as far as west as Atlanta and as far north as Charlotte. Though the quake was certainly a rarity for the area, reports from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency indicate that it produced no significant structural damage.

Shortly after the quake it appeared that a water tower near Augusta National was leaking as a result of the geological activity, but officials later explained that the outpouring of water was previously planned:





Assuming that no Biblical plagues strike eastern Georgia over the next two months, The Masters will begin in 54 days.