Aussie World Cup team feeling pressure


Brendan Jones and Richard Green have found their way to a share of the lead at the World Cup, but both admit the difficulty they encountered in the alternate-shot format.

'It's very difficult, because it's very hard to get any sort of rhythm in your golf swing in your game, because you might go four or five holes without hitting a driver,' Jones said after his team's 2-under 70. 'You might go a few holes without having a putt. It feels like a very stop-start game,'

The Aussies, who finished T-3 together in 2008, both admitted to feeling pressure to perform for the other.

'There's a lot of stress and you don't want to hit poor shots for your partner,' Jones said. 'So it's a difficult game for everybody, but, you know, (Richard)'s a good guy and he doesn't kick a man when he's down.'

Green believes their friendship keeps things light.

'I think playing in this format with a friend and somebody that you get along with very well and have a lot of respect for their game, that's the way to play this game very well,' he said.