Bachelor party turns ugly in golf-rage incident


A 61-year-old Jacksonville man gave some new golfers an experience they won't soon forget. James Hines was arrested after allegedly instigating a fight at Jacksonville Beach Municipal Golf Course, according to the Florida-Times Union.

'It was some guy who must have been having a bad day,' said Murdock Hampe, 27, whose leg was swollen after allegedly getting struck by a cart and whose head was injured after allegedly being struck by a golf club.

It is alleged that Hines approached and attacked a group of six players gathered for a bachelor party, which included several new golfers. Hampe and groom-to-be Donald Salsbery were among the six players.

According to the police report, Hines and his threesome believed the group was taking too long and disrespecting the course, including driving their carts on the putting surfaces.

Hampe disputes the genesis for Hines' alleged attack, adding alcohol was not an issue, and the course ranger did not ask the group to speed up or behave differently.

'It's a public course, and we paid just like everybody else,' Hampe said.

The confrontation allegedly began when a shouting match started between the two groups from a distance. It is alleged that Hines then began hitting into the bachelors. They threw the balls he hit back toward Hines, who they say drove his cart toward them at full speed. Hines allegedly rammed his golf cart into Hampe and pinned another between two carts. Hampe claims he was then struck by Hines with a golf club.

It was then alleged that witness Justin Ravel came down the 18th fairway to intervene and take the club from Hines. His playing partners had arrived at the scene as well. The remaining players from the bachelor party trapped Hines in a bunker until police arrived.