US Bank host ready despite vandalism


Damage of No. 17 at Brown Deer Park Golf Course

As officials for the U.S. Bank Championship rounded Brown Deer Park Golf Course into tournament-ready condition, they were shocked when they arrived at work the morning of June 24. Vandals had left tire marks on the 17th green, significantly damaging 60 percent of the surface.

According to Superintendent Tim Wegner, “It looked like a bomb had been dropped in the middle of the green.”

Since then, golf course staff and county officials have rallied, executing a thorough plan to get the green back into shape for this week’s tournament.

The plan included overseeding the entire green twice, and patching the most severely damaged portions with sod. Several Ash trees – which have been in decline – were also removed, giving the green three additional hours of sunlight each day. Wegner said help arrived in all forms, including that of equipment from private clubs in the area.

'It’s the neat thing about this industry,' Wegner said. 'Everyone outreaches to help. Neighbors have offered to come out, and so have the golfers. Their respect for what happened has been unbelievable. It has surprised me, and I love all of them for it.”