Begay on Tiger's putting and media grudges


Minutes after Tiger Woods won the AT&T National Sunday at Congressional he was asked about keys to victory. Woods let slip that he had received putting advice from longtime friend Notah Begay, but wouldn't divulge precisely what they talked about.

'I think a lot of people think it was a big secret,' Begay said on 'Morning Drive' Tuesday. 'It was just reminding him of some of the things he used to do that I've noticed over the last 20 years of playing with him.

'It doesn't take a lot to get a player like that recalibrated. You just need to remind them that putting is not that hard. We make it a lot harder than it needs to be. I guess he took it to heart and it helped him get back in a good groove.'

Then, during Woods post-round media obligations, he was asked if his confidence had waned much at all this year in comparison with year's past.

'Well, a lot of media people didn't think I could win again, and I had to deal with those questions for quite a bit,' Woods said Sunday. 'It was just a matter of time; I could see the pieces coming together.'

Begay was asked if he believes Woods keeps score with the media, if he's aware of everything that's said or written about him.

'He doesn't forget what people write,' Begay said. 'He probably has a list under his pillow that motivates him at night.'