New Ben Crane comedy videos in the works


Can’t wait to see Ben Crane’s next short comedy video?

It won’t be long.

Crane, the three-time PGA Tour winner whose workout video spoof was such a huge hit two months ago, says he expects his next comedic video effort to be released on his website ( sometime in January. He’s got a few video projects in the works.

“I think we’re going to try to release something every couple months,” Crane told Mark Wood, Tim Rosaforte and yours truly on our weekly 'Golf World On-Air' radio program.

Crane said “silence” is a topic he’ll probe in one of his next releases, but “we aren’t sure which idea we are going to launch next.”

You can credit actor George Clooney for helping encourage Crane's new comedic endeavors. Crane made a video to salute his friend, Mike Meldman, at a birthday party. Clooney was among the guests who was there and loved the effort.

“George grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying `That was a great video. You made the party,’” Crane said. “He did that to me about three times.”

Crane’s stoic image adds to the humor.

“My image as a slow, Christian golfer’s been shattered by the fact that I might have a sense of humor,” Crane said.

Crane says you can look for some special guest appearances in his future releases. He’s hoping to add some fellow PGA Tour pros to the performances.