Ben Crane Pokes Fun at Himself


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Ben Crane may be on the snail side of slow but give the guy credit, he has a sense of humor.
During the filming of a commercial a few years ago the concept was for a series of players to give a single tip in the pre-shot and swing sequence – visualize the shot, grip, alignment, etc.
During one take, Crane settled in over the ball with the cameras rolling, adjusted his feet and, according to caddie yard tale, smiled and said, “Now wait for a minute,” a refreshing jab at his own pace of play issues. The segment never ran with the commercial but on Thursday after his opening 65 at The Players Crane confirmed the playful take occurred.
“I’m not too proud,” he smiled.
He may not be the fastest player on Tour, but self-deprecation cures a lot of evils.