SUGAR GROVE, Ill. – Europe ’s Laura Davies will sit for a third consecutive session at the Solheim Cup when the foursomes begin Saturday afternoon.

Davies, the only player to compete in every Solheim Cup, didn’t seem pleased that she wouldn’t play at all on the second day of the matches when she was interviewed by Golf Channel’s Val Skinner Saturday morning. Davies called reports that she didn’t want to play because she was struggling “silly.” While Davies has sat out sessions before, Saturday marked the first time in Davies' 11 Solheim Cup appearances that she sat out an entire day.

Asked Friday night about Davies sitting, European captain Alison Nicholas said: “She said she was struggling a little bit with her game, so you know, decided to sit her out because some of the other players are playing okay. She's been absolutely brilliant. She says anything I can do for the team, I will. She was out there supporting [Friday] afternoon, and I can only give her all the credit that she deserves, because she's just still very passionate about this team. She's a good mate, and we've talked about it, and everything is fine.”

Davies and Becky Brewerton were defeated 5 and 4 in the Friday morning fourballs, Davies’ only match so far this Solheim Cup.