Betting Sorenstam flips a mean flapjack


News that Annika Sorenstam will be part of a new cooking show put some crazy images in my head.

She was so good at what she did on the golf course, what must she be like in the kitchen now that she’s intensely interested in cooking?

I imagine her flipping pancakes and then catching them behind her back in the frying pan.

And cracking eggs one-handed, four at a time, two in each hand.

And husband Mike McGee holding up a “Quiet Please” sign so that no outside agency causes her soufflé to fall at the critical cooking moments.

And Sorenstam throwing fist pumps when her classic crème brulee comes out perfect.

Sorenstam is going to be part of a new cooking show titled Golf a la Carte. She’ll introduce segments and from time to time share some of her own recipes. The weekly show will be filmed at Reunion Resort, home to the Annika Academy. The show’s in negotiations for syndication airing.