Boo Weekley shares wild rides


You know Boo Weekley’s biography won’t be a typical look at the life of a PGA Tour pro. It’s titled True Boo: Gator catchin’, orangutan boxin’, and my Wild Ride to the PGA Tour. It’s due out in March.

Halfway through advanced proofs, I feel like I’m reading a character Dan Jenkins invented. Paul Brown’s the ghost writer, who tells the story with a drawl in Weekley’s southern voice.

Just five dizzying chapters in, Weekley’s already shared how:

• That orangutan knocked him out in a boxing match at a county fair when he was 16.

• He once pitched right- and left-handed in a youth baseball game because he’s “bothpaw” or “amphibious.”

• He has overcome flunking the fourth grade, attending special education classes while battling a learning disability, getting “enough detention slips to wallpaper” his parents’ home, flunking out of Abraham Baldwin College after one year and living briefly on unemployment after giving up his Monsanto hydro-blasting and sewage-cleaning jobs so another married fellow could keep his job.

• He was the Milton High team mascot (a panther) and voted the Class Clown as a senior.

• He once made ends meet gambling as a “hustler” of unsuspecting golfers and later linked up with “high rollers” who made as much as $250,000 off him in high-stakes matches (he typically got 5 percent of the take).

• He challenged Lee Westwood, Padraig Harrington and other European Ryder Cup players to a fight after he caught them writing derogatory comments on American player posters in the drunken wee morning hours following the American victory at Valhalla in 2008.

I’m catching my breath before finishing the second half of the book. It is scheduled for publication by Thomas Dunne Books on March 29.