Bradley describes Ryder Cup strategy, golf with Jordan


In an interview with Golf Channel's 'Morning Drive,' Ryder Cup star Keegan Bradley discussed topics ranging from the American strategy at Medinah to his recent round of golf with basketball great Michael Jordan.

In revisiting last month's Ryder Cup, Bradley reinforced that the decision to sit him and partner Phil Mickelson for Saturday's afternoon matches was understood well in advance.

'That was the plan (to sit Saturday afternoon),' Bradley explained. 'We as a team wanted everybody to play at least once a day, just so they were ready.

'When we won that match (Saturday morning), we all shut down. We were done,' he continued. 'That was our plan, and we wanted to be ready for singles.'

The 2011 PGA champion also shared his views on the growing controversy surrounding the use of anchored putters.

'It hurts a little bit, the fact that the governing bodies are basically banning it because of such great play,' said Bradley, who has used a belly putter for each of his three PGA Tour victories. 'You've got guys on Tour that have been putting with these for 15-20 years ... I don't know that it's the right move to just all of a sudden ban these clubs to us that have been using them for a long time.'

Bradley also took time to describe a recent round with basketball star – and golf enthusiast – Michael Jordan. 

'He was yapping pretty much the whole day,' he claimed of Jordan, who displayed a penchant for trash-talking throughout his NBA playing career. 

After birdies by Bradley on each of the final two holes, the match hinged on Jordan's final stroke.

'He had about 6 feet,' Bradley explained. 'It wouldn't have gone in if it was the size of a basketball hoop.'