Bradley still adapting to added demands


Since winning the PGA Championship, Keegan Bradley has more demand for his time away from the golf course. The two-time PGA Tour champion admits it was quite a change from the onset of his rookie campaign.

'The toughest adjustment for me personally is ... I pride myself on being very well prepared for every event that I play in, and it's just, there's a lot more that I have to do at a tournament week, like something like this (a news conference) or, you know, like a photo shoot or something for a company,' Bradley said Tuesday at the Chevron World Challenge. 

Following his playoff victory in Atlanta to claim the Wanamaker Trophy, Bradley has played in Bermuda and China – rewards for an unforgettable season.

The Vermont native said he has gotten acclimated to the new routine, but longs for a little anonymity at times.

'I think back to the days when I just could kind of show up and do my thing, and I kind of miss it a little bit, but all this is worth it, and I really enjoy doing this stuff now and being amongst the boys,' he said.