Brian Gay Keeps Focus


Ever had your hard drive crash on your computer? I did last week and it was pure bliss. No computer and a cell phone that didn't work in my hotel. Felt like I was on vacation. But now, with a surgically repaired computer, I'm back and able to share a story from Brian Gay's first hole last Sunday at the Verizon Classic.
After two textbook shots into the first green, Gay stood over his 12-footer for an important opening birdie, which would send a message that he had no intentions on putting it in reverse. As he got into his pre-putt routine, a cell phone rang from a spectator 20 feet away on the back side of the green. It wasn't a loud ring but Brian's caddie, Kip Henley definitely heard it and assumed Brian did as well. Only, Brian never stepped away. He continued with his routine and calmly drained the message-sending downhill putt.
As Henley shared with me on the way to the second tee, Brian heard it too. Kip asked him why he didn't step away. 'I don't know, I just kept putting. I felt good,' Gay said.
It brings to mind the old Jack Nicklaus story when a reporter asked him if the low, loud jet flying overhead on a particular putt had distracted him. Jack's reply, 'What jet.'