Bubba has the right to skip Players, says Goydos


As a father of two, PGA Tour player Paul Goydos understands why Bubba Watson chose his family over competing in next week's Players Championship.

'I think it's a good decision,' Goydos said Friday on 'Morning Drive.' 'You have to play when you're ready to play, and it's obvious he wants to be with his family right now. There's nothing wrong with that. I would actually call it a little courageous.'

'Morning Drive' video: Goydos on Bubba

The Masters champion tweeted Thursday he will not compete next week at TPC Sawgrass and will take up to a month off from the PGA Tour. 

'I’ve decided to pull out of the Players. I need to spend more time with (his son) Caleb and (wife) Angie, plan to take at least a month off.  #familytime,” Watson tweeted.

Goydos is empathetic with Watson's feelings, having earned the time away from the sport.

'It's not that easy to leave home,' he said. 'He's in a position where he doesn't have to. There's nothing wrong with being right. He earned it. He won the green jacket. He's tired. He's been away promoting the game of golf in New York, after he won Augusta. This is his time now to spend some time with his family.'