Bubba Watsons a workout warrior


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Bubba Watson is a man of many contradictions.

He doesn’t have a swing coach, has never had one, and he wondered aloud after taking a share of the lead Thursday at the PGA Championship why any pro really needed one.

But Watson does have a personal trainer, even though he used to take great delight teasing fellow tour pros who have them.

“It isn’t specifically for golf,” Watson explained. “It’s for health reasons, for lifestyle.”

Watson said he’s lost 28 pounds since hiring Andrew Fisher at the PGA Championship a year ago. Watson is down to 176 pounds. Fisher’s also in charge of Watson’s new nutrition plan. Fisher even travels with Watson.

“In Bubba, you’re looking at somebody who ate fast food all the time,” Fisher said.
 “It was affecting him to the point that he was suffering from heartburn. He’s got a clean diet now. And he's really stuck to it.”

With Watson having lots of time to kill until his 5:05 p.m. (CT) tee time today, it’s likely he’ll be working out with Fisher. During tournament weeks, they still work out at least five times a week. Fisher leads him through cardio exercises, stretching and specific modality therapies, including massage therapies. 

Watson’s complained in the past about his focus, even suggesting he may have Attention Deficit Disorder. Fisher said Watson’s diet helps with focus and emotional control.

“It’s no secret he’s a very emotional guy,” Fisher said. “The diet helps maintain his blood sugar levels.”

Watson, known by media to run hot and cold emotionally, said he likes that he feels better.