Bubba on women at Augusta: Couldn't hurt


Masters champion Bubba Watson does not see the harm in having a female member at Augusta National.

'In this day and age, I don't see any reason why it could hurt,' Watson said Tuesday on 'Piers Morgan Tonight.' 'But again, it's a club that has rules, that can do that. There's rules made up, there's laws made up that we can't do certain things.'

In a 2011 survey for Golf Magazine, Watson was more ardent in his opinion.

'Yeah, I care (about Augusta having no female members), and you can quote me on it,' he said.

The world No. 4 turned the question on the interviewer, asking Morgan his opinion on the matter.

'I think it's completely ridiculous that in such a modern age such a prestigious organization that the whole world is focused on doesn't allow woman members. It's just like something out of the dark ages,' Morgan said.

Watson then stated the obvious.

'I know who's not going to be a member. You.'