Buffett weighs in on Augusta National female member question


Billionaire investor and Augusta National Golf Club member Warren Buffett said the club would have a female member if he had a say in membership issues.

“I’m not telling the group at Augusta what to do, but if I were running the club I’d have plenty of women,” Buffett said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

“I might prefer having female members, but I’m not on the (membership) committee.'

Buffett, the 81-year-old chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, was speaking in Omaha, Neb., following the company's annual meeting.

The comments come a month after Augusta National chairman Billy Payne was asked during the Masters Tournament about admitting a female member to the club.

In January, tournament sponsor IBM installed 54-year-old Virginia Rometty as its first female CEO. The last four CEOs of the company have been offered membership. Payne declined to comment on membership issues in general and specifically pertaining to Rometty.

Berkshire Hathaway owns a 5.5 percent stake in IBM. Buffett was aware of the membership makeup when he joined the club and said he will not resign membership over the issue.