Calc getting lost in the shuffle


TURNBERRY, Scotland – Getting lost in all the Tom Watson, Tiger Woods banter around here is Mark Calcavecchia, another great story.

The 1989 British Open champion has amused all week with his quirky, sell-depricating personality. Calcavecchia, 49, played 36 holes Sunday at the John Deere and nearly withdrew because of a back injury. But he soldiered on, has shot 67-69 and is only a shot out of the lead.

'I'm actually kind of using my head, which is unusual,' Calcavecchia said. 'It's working out so far.'

Calcavecchia, admittedly an underachiever, will never be mistaken for a gym rat and says that he prefers to drink four Scottich-made beers each night at dinner.

'That seems to be a good number,' he said.