California dreaming


SAN JACINTO, Calif. – Impossible, absolutely impossible. It just can't happen.

I've been following professional golf as part of my job for the better part of 12 years now. Before that, I was trying to forge a living by playing. During all that time, I became very comfortable in the knowledge that I knew, or knew of, just about everyone who was trying to make a career out of this crazy game in the U.S. And until last week, I'd never in my life heard of Jerod Turner.

In January of next year, Jerod Turner is likely to tee it up at the Sony Open as a rookie on the PGA Tour. This year, he's a 34-year-old rookie on the Nationwide Tour.

He played his 7th event this week, hadn't sent in his Q-School entry because the cost/benefit analysis wasn't worth it, and was contemplating returning to the construction business to make a living.

Oops, something crazy happened on the way to the construction site. He quietly dominated the field in one of the biggest Nationwide events in history, and in the process, earned enough to be one of 'The 25.'

Others stole the headlines, but Turner stole the show. With a laid-back, playing-on-borrowed-time, go-for-everything mentality, he achieved something that he never thought possible just 8 weeks ago. Now his life is permanently altered. And here comes the best part, he's a ridiculously nice guy. But from a personal perspective, here comes the bad part – he constantly called me 'Sir.'