Campbell: Just takes one guy to slow down a field


The fervor about slow play is old hat on the PGA Tour.

'It's been around for so long,' said Chad Campbell on Wednesday’s 'Morning Drive.' 'It seems like it's always been an issue, at least as long as I've been on Tour.' 

The native Texan believes field congestion makes slow play inevitable as it only takes one offender to bring the pace to a crawl.

'We've got a lot of guys that are playing in the tournament and, obviously, every tournament is important to every person,' he said. 'It only takes one guy to slow down at least a whole side of the wave.'

Under the Tour’s current system, players are fined $20,000 for 10 bad times. Like many of his peers, Campbell believes fines are not the greatest deterrent.

'I don't know the perfect answer or solution we need to speed up play,' he said. 'I think to encourage shot penalties would be a step in the right direction.'