Chamblee: Na's pre-shot routine change a mistake


Kevin Na is ditching the waggles, false starts and intentional whiffs for a new, compact routine at Colonial. 

He will take one practice swing, give a long look to his target and, as he yelled to himself to do at The Players Championship, 'pull the trigger.'

Now, however, may not be the best time for Kevin Na to introduce a new pre-shot routine, according to Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.

'Changing a routine is harder than making a swing change,' he said Thursday on 'Morning Drive.'

'It's something he's better served doing in the off-season, when he's got more time. This is going to be more painful for him than anything else he's doing. He should stick to his swing changes (with teacher Dale Lynch) and just continue on playing.'

Without doing something to speed up, Na would likely go to the wallet to pay PGA Tour fines for his slow pace. With five top-10 finishes, Na is playing well enough to take a small dent in his bank account.

'He's got plenty of cash to pay the fines. Stick to the routine and play golf,' he said.

'There is so much pressure to conform and he doesn't need to. He can come up with his own routine, but not from now to the end of the year.'

Given the stage of the final group of The Players, Chamblee was shocked by Na's decision to play faster to the benefit of playing partner and eventual winner Matt Kuchar.

'He should have gone through the same processes as Saturday,' he said. 'It looked like he was trying to stay out of Matt Kuchar's way instead of winning the golf tournament.'