Chamblee, Nobilo, Browne offer thoughts on Masters


Golf Channel analysts broadcast quotes – 'Live From the Masters' Friday, April 6

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee

On a Saturday Masters storyline (in reference to Fred Couples and Tiger Woods)

 “Tomorrow morning the headlines, I think, will be dominated by a 52-year-old man who has never changed his golf swing and a 36-year-old man who changes his golf swing more than Cher changes outfits at one of her concerts.”

On Phil Mickelson’s position going into the weekend

“Phil is one of the few players in this field who does not have to play his best golf to win this golf tournament.  Of the 10 golfers in front of Phil Mickelson, there’s four players who’ve won major championships.  So, six guys will be trying to do something they’ve never done before, and I dare say that the only player in front of him that could probably win without his best stuff is Rory McIlroy.”

Golf Channel analyst Frank Nobilo

On course conditions planned for the weekend

“Finally the weather will not dictate the winner at this event.  We’ll get a firmer golf course.  We’ll get a golf course where the ball will sit up.  We’ll get a more predictable golf course and also the chance, given these conditions, for someone to do something special and maybe steal it from behind.”

On Tiger Woods’ attempt to master an effective hook shot that could help with certain holes at Augusta National

“In an effort to find the hook, there’s a confusion in the camp … in an effort to put one more shot in the bag they lose, exactly, all the good stuff they put in during the prior month.”

Golf Channel guest analyst Olin Browne

On Tiger Woods hitting practice balls in the dark after his round

“You know what this is?  This is frustration … he’s working the body bag right now.  He’s getting this out of his system as much as he can.”