Chamblee: Only Westwood can challenge Tiger


There is only one player in the U.S. Open field that can match the complete game of Tiger Woods, according to Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.

'There are some things about Tiger Woods' game that will be a problem for him this week,' Chamblee said on 'Live From the U.S. Open,' 'but not so that it'll bring other players into play that could trump him, other than Lee Westwood.'

A recurring theme in the news conferences at The Olympic Club is the need for a left-to-right shot. Woods favors that ball flight with his driver and fairway woods.

'That is the shot Tiger Woods has come back, along with Sean Foley, it seems like he's most comfortable with that,' Chamblee said.

Chamblee said Woods seems uncomfortable shaping the ball from right to left. At the Lake Course, however, a player would only need a draw for no more than four tee shots.

'It's not like, even though there are some dogleg lefts out here,' Chamblee said, 'that you have to move it very often right to left.'