Child at work: Gracie, 7, goes to Golf Channel


ORLANDO, Fla. – Today is Take Your Child to Work Day here at Golf Channel so I brought in a big gun to do some heavy lifting. My 7-year-old daughter Gracie wrote her first golf story last year on this day so I figured we’d give it a another try.

I’ve labored over every story I’ve ever written over the past 20-plus years and, sadly, it seems that Gracie inherited the same trait. Poor girl. Anyway, here is her piece from today. (Note: Thoughts don’t necessarily reflect those of her old man!)


My favorite golf player is Phil Micholson. I think Phil Micholson is a good golf player.

I tried golf before. I rather go shopping and get my nails done. But I know my brother Brady and my dad loves golf. Even though I am bad at golf I still love it because my dad loves it.

My dad has the best office ever. It is better than anybodys. He has two huge TVs. He also has two desks and his room color is yellowish and greenish. Golf Channel is awesome.