Chois cutting edge choices


AUGUSTA, Ga. – There are no records, at least not any that are publically available, kept pertaining to specific equipment configurations at the Masters, but K.J. Choi’s bag choices this week likely represent a new frontier.

Choi, who finished fourth last year at Augusta National, will tee off on Thursday with no iron longer than a 7-iron. Instead he will carry 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-iron hybrids in an attempt to hit the ball higher and hold the club’s sloping greens.

“He has been working on drawing the ball to hit it further but at Doral he couldn’t stop his longer irons especially on downwind shots,” said Steve Bann, Choi’s swing coach.

The hybrid replacements, all of which are Adams Golf models, came slowly, first the 3-iron (21 degrees), then a 4-iron (24 degrees) and finally a 5- and 6-iron (28 and 32 degrees) in the days before the season’s first major.

The plan seems to be working. On Monday, Bann said Choi hit his 185-yard approach into the 18th hole pin high and it rolled out 3 yards. It’s a shot he would have been unable to hit with a long iron. Of course cutting edge has come with its share of curious glances.

“Poor (caddie Andy Prodger), he was looking down at the bag the other day saying, ‘I have seven wood covers,’” Bann said.