College golfer receives NCAA violation for car wash


While the NCAA has no shortage of pressing issues upon which to weigh in, many are scratching their heads over the governing body's decision to penalize a college golfer for washing her car.

According to a Yahoo! report, a player on the women's golf team from an unnamed school in the West Coast Conference was recently 'caught' washing her car on campus, using the university's water and hose to do so. Erring most certainly on the side of caution, the school self-reported the incident to the NCAA as an extra benefits violation.

The NCAA agreed, ruling that a secondary violation had occurred. According to the governing body's reasoning, the water and hose in question were not available to regular students at the school; as a result, the golfer was requested to re-pay the perceived value of the benefits in question – a whopping $20.

With the women's golf season concluding last week, hundreds of student athletes are now faced with a summer season that may include thousands of miles logged traveling in between amateur events. After this latest revelation from the NCAA, they may soon receive a friendly reminder from their coaches: get your car washed somewhere else.