Confused about the fuss over LPGA Founders Cup Heres some help


Here’s an attempt to explain the fuss over the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup in uncomplicated terms:

The original plan called for a $1.3 million imaginary purse (mock purse). Tour pros would not collect any real prize money but would have their imaginary winnings count as official money on the money list. Under this plan, the tour would save enough in tournament expenses to raise a charity donation of $500,000 for LPGA-USGA Girls Golf. The $1.3 million wasn't real money in any sense,

Under commissioner Mike Whan’s revised plan unveiled Friday, the tour announced it was doubling the charity donation to $1 million. It also announced it was re-setting the purse at $1 million.

In essence, this means there’s no longer a mock purse or imaginary prize winnings. It means there’s a real $1 million purse but players are donating all of the purse to charity.

This is a distinction that was important to LPGA star Paula Creamer. She pushed privately and then publicly for the purse to match the charity donation. She believed the integrity of the event and competition demanded a real purse-to-charity transfer and was considering skipping the event.

With news Friday that the purse will now match the donation, Creamer announced she is going to play and praised Whan for addressing player concerns.

Tour pros still will not collect any checks but will have their 'prize winnings' count on the official money list. The LPGA is giving stipends to players to cover travel and caddie costs.