Creamer ready to cook after layoff


PITTSFORD, N.Y. – Paula Creamer said there were some upsides to being out for 15 weeks with a thumb injury.

Creamer, 23, said she learned how to cook.

“I’ve really come to enjoy baking,” Creamer said Wednesday at the LPGA Championship, her second event back after thumb surgery. “I’ll bake and then send it off to my parents house so I don’t have it sitting around to eat.”

Creamer said she also finally got a chance to decorate the house she bought in Windermere, Fla., two years ago.

“I finally have a kitchen table,” Creamer said.

Creamer also returned to dance classes, something she loved growing up but had not been able to do with golf her central focus.

“I’ve never had this much time off,” Creamer said. “I’d sit around at home and say `What do I do?’ You really do need hobbies.”