Cry me a river


On Sunday, Steve Stricker won the Northern Trust and $1,152,000. Then he cried. Considering that I am the only player in the history of the PGA Tour to have my wife run out on the 72nd green and jump into my arms after making a 4-footer to finish outright third, I have no room criticize.

I had some big tears in my eyes that long ago Sunday and I can only imagine what would have happened had I won. I likely would have cried Tammy Faye Baker to shame.

Winning is rare in this game, and being intimately familiar with both the highs and lows of his profession Stricker knows that, perhaps better than anyone. So the tears aren't about the win, or the trophy, or the hard work. The tears come from the deep emotional release that occurs when you understand that you are fulfilling your potential....and a little from the money! That's a big check. Lots of zeros.