Cups Runneth Over


A day of wonder began in Dunsany, Ireland, at 5:10 a.m. ET, and concluded nearly 13 1/2 hours later in Atlanta, Ga., just a shade after 6:30 p.m.

Countless scenarios and endless possibilities ultimately gave way to a pair of gritty victories - one for invaluable pride, the other for a combined $11.44 million.

Europe won the Solheim Cup for the first time in eight years Sunday at Killeen Castle, defeating the favored American squad, 15-13, thanks in part to a conceded match and a spirited finish.

Some 4,000 miles away, Bill Haas outlasted Hunter Mahan for the Tour Championship title and the FedEx Cup crown, the former paying out $1.44 million, with $10 million more for the latter. was on site at both prestigious events. Rex Hoggard offers his take from East Lake, while Randall Mell and Jay Coffin punctuate the 12th edition of the ladies' biennial matches.

Bill Haas

Million-dollar Bill: Rex Hoggard notes that the FedEx Cup came down to a playoff to decide a playoff.

European Solheim Cup team

Gael force: Randall Mell writes that Europe's win means the Solheim Cup matters more than ever.

European Solheim Cup team

Solheim Cup report cards: Grading the captains and players for Europe and the U.S.