Daly continues incessant tweets


John Daly told Golf Channel Friday after his second round at Torrey Pines that he was going to quit golf.

“I’m done,” he told producers of his upcoming television series “Being John Daly.” “I can’t compete. I can’t play like I use too. I can’t keep taking spots from guys out here playing this bad. It’s not worth it.”

Since those comments Daly has incessantly tried to calm the situation with messages via his Twitter account.

Here is a smattering of the most recent tweets:

“This is a tough time in my life & I just don't have any confidence in my game. Hopefully I'll get it back.”

“I may look into doing some commentating--I really enjoy doing that.”

“I have talked to all of my sponsors & they just want me to continue to play.”

“No this had nothing to do with my show or a show tactic--not my style.”

“The interview yesterday caught me after a tough 2 days & much frustration.”

“I'm going to honor the commitments to the tournaments that have given me sponsors exemptions & will continue to try to get them this year.”

“I'm not retired & never said that I was retiring.”