Walker Cup results


ABERDEEN, Scotland – Results for the 43rd Walker Cup at Royal Aberdeen Golf Club. Great Britain and Ireland defeated the United States, 14-12.

Saturday Foursomes

Tom Lewis-Michael Stewart (GBI) def. Peter Uihlein-Harris English, 2 and 1

Jack Senior-Andy Sullivan (GBI) def. Russell Henley-Kelly Kraft, 2 and 1

Paul Cutler-Alan Dunbar (GBI) def. Nathan Smith-Blayne Barber, 5 and 4

Patrick Cantlay-Chris Williams (U.S.) def. Steven Brown-Stiggy Hodgson, 5 and 3

Saturday Singles

Peter Uihlein (USA) def. Tom Lewis, 2 and 1

Jordan Spieth (USA) def. Jack Senior, 3 and 2

Harris English (USA) def. Andy Sullivan, 2 and 1

Rhys Pugh (GB&I) def. Patrick Rodgers, 2 and 1

Steven Brown (GB&I) def. Russell Henley (USA), 1 up

James Byrne (GB&I) def. Nathan Smith (USA), 2 and 1

Paul Cutler (GB&I) def. Kelly Kraft (USA), 2 and 1

Patrick Cantlay (USA) def. Michael Stewart, 2 and 1

Sunday Foursomes

Tom Lewis-Michael Stewart (GB&I) vs. Jordan Spieth-Patrick Rodgers, halved

Jack Senior-Andy Sullivan (GB&I) def. Peter Uihlein-Harris English, 3 and 2

Paul Cutler-Alan Dunbar (GB&I) def. Kelly Kraft-Blayne Barber, 2 and 1

James Byrne-Rhys Pugh (GB&I) def. Patrick Cantlay-Chris Williams, 5 and 3

Sunday Singles

Russell Henley (USA) def. Tom Lewis, 4 and 2

Jordan Spieth (USA) def. Andy Sullivan, 3 and 2

Jack Senior (GB&I) halved Nathan Smith

Michael Stewart (GB&I) def. Patrick Rodgers, 3 and 2

Patrick Uihlein (USA) def. Stiggy Hodgson, 2 and 1

Steven Brown (GB&I) halved Blayne Barber

Rhys Pugh (GB&I) def. Kelly Kraft, 2 and 1

Chris Williams (USA) def. Alan Dunbar, 1 up

Harris English (USA) def. James Byrne, 2 and 1

Patrick Cantlay (USA) halved Paul Cutler