Debunking some Tiger myths


AUGUSTA, Ga. - Woke up this morning to dozens of tweets and emails in relation to Tiger Woods, many making sweeping generalizations based on his last few rounds.

Well, I couldn't contain myself any longer. Allow me to debunk a few of your myths:

1. Tiger is the only player who acts like a childish boor when he's not playing well. No doubt, his behavior at times - such as when he kicked his club on the 16th tee Friday - is unruly and abrasive. But it's unfair to single him out. Many players act this way; just two weeks ago, I saw three guys throw clubs at Bay Hill. It's just that no one else has 100 percent of their poor swings shown on live television. I know Woods said two years ago that he would fix his behavior, so we should hold him to that. But don't believe that he's the only one doing this. He isn't.

2. He needs to get rid of Sean Foley. What?! Can't believe how many times I've heard this in the past 24 hours. Foley is the game's new It Guy, coaching his pupils to wins in four of the last six weeks. And Tiger should get rid of him based on two bad days? No way. Even Rocco Mediate, who was among Foley's most vocal critics, admitted to me this week that he was completely wrong and agrees with everything Foley has been working on with Woods. Two rounds shouldn't change that. He had bad days with Butch Harmon and Hank Haney, too.

3. Tiger will never win another major championship. Anyone making a long-term prognosis of Tiger's future after the Arnold Palmer Invitational win was obviously jumping the gun on his readiness to dominate again. But those contending now that he'll never regain certain levels of success are likewise too quick on the trigger. As Woods often says, 'It's a process.' There will be positive steps and negative stepbacks. Nothing he's done or failed to do in the past few weeks should be a final determinant for his impending future.