Despite photos, Woods positive he took illegal drop


Don’t be fooled by the photos, Tiger Woods said. He didn’t take the controversial drop from the exact same spot.

On Sunday, the Augusta Chronicle printed two photos from its staff photographer that showed Woods’ two wedge shots from the 15th fairway during the second round.

Woods said that he had played the shot about two yards farther back, but in the images the Chronicle circled the divots to show that Woods had played his fifth shot from nearly the identical spot as his third – inches apart, not a few feet. Multiple TV outlets had shown that the gap between divots was much wider.

The photos prompted several media outlets to opine that perhaps Woods wasn’t deserving of a penalty at all. You can view the photo below:

Tiger Woods

After completing his final round (and tying for fourth), Woods was asked about the photos.

Reporter: Is there any chance that you were mistaken when you said you were two yards back, because there were photos that looked like you were in the exact same spot?

Woods: No, I saw the photos.

Reporter: What do you think?

Woods: I was behind it.

Reporter: You do?

Woods: Yeah.

Reporter: So, you’re pretty sure that the two yards is actually …

Woods: One, two yards. But it certainly was not as close as the rule says.

So much for that debate.