Does Verizons ending hurt or help golf


So what are you hearing around the water cooler at work today?

How did the odd rules infraction that ended the Verizon Heritage playoff Sunday strike your friends who don’t normally follow golf? Do they marvel and admire how differently golf is played? Or do they think the Rules of Golf are stupid?

Because the strange ending caught the attention of sports fans who don’t normally follow the game.

ESPN SportsCenter and other mainstream sports shows showed recaps of the finish, as they typically do when golf’s unusual rules come into play.

When Brian Davis clipped a loose reed in a hazard with his backswing, a reed that was considered a loose impediment, he suspected he may have violated the Rules of Golf and called in a rules official. Nobody else seemed to notice in his loss to Jim Furyk, but Davis knew right away. Davis may have lost anyway, but we’ll never know how the two-shot penalty affected his final 30-foot putt. If not for the penalty, Davis would have had a chance to make par and continue the playoff.

As “outsiders” watch these kind of incidents, do you think they’re drawn to the game because of its honorable components or repelled by it?