Dufner takes Oak Hill acorns home to Alabama


PITTSFORD, N.Y. – Jason Dufner liked Oak Hill so much, he’s taking some of it with him.

During the opening round Thursday, the PGA champion stopped his wife, Amanda, at some point on the back nine and gave her a handful of acorns.

“Keep finding some,” he told her.

A few years ago, they purchased 50 aces of land in Auburn, Ala., and will soon build a home on the property. In a quiet moment in the coming weeks and months, they will plant the acorns they gathered here. They also have a sapling that was given to them by the general manager at Oak Hill.

“It’d be really, really special for them to grow out now,” Amanda said.

Speaking of Auburn, Dufner is the first Tigers player to win a major championship.

As he said Sunday night, “I think there might be a rolling of Toomer’s Corner in the near future.”