Duke celebrates with Coca-Cola after Travelers win


BETHESDA, Md. – After his Travelers Championship playoff victory and just before the CBS telecast went off the air, Ken Duke could be seen looking directly into the camera, shaking a bottle of Coca-Cola.

It wasn’t exactly a spontaneous reaction.

“I've never drank liquor or stuff. I've never done that, but I've always drank Cokes,” he explained Wednesday. “A lot of people that know me know that's what I drink, probably been drinking a little too many. … My caddie and I joked around the last few years – if I ever win, I'm going to have a bottle of Coke or a can of Coke and take a drink out of it because we're big NASCAR fans and you see that on NASCAR.

“So he had one in the bag, and I never know what's in the bag because I just look at the clubs. I don't know what's in the bag. But he's there, and he gave it to me. I said, ‘Man, this is our moment right here.’ So I had to give it to him. So it was special. Coke's my thing.”