Easy to pull for the Big Easy


Watching the final round today, I can't help but root for Ernie Els to have a big final push. In the media we're not supposed to root for the players, but instead the story. Els is one of the game's classiest players. He's been asked more Tiger Woods questions over the years than any of the top players and he's always handled it like a champion.

True, no player is 'owed' a major championship, but I hope Ernie's not done. He had a great chance at a PGA at Riviera years ago when Steve Elkington won it on Sunday and he's had a few chances at the Masters. Most notably the one earned by Phil Mickelson's back nine charge.

Els told me at the Masters once that since he was a little boy growing up in South Africa he 'dreamed of winning the Masters.' He might still get one but at this point in his career he'd take any major he could get. Catching Woods will be tough. I hope Ernie has a great day.

The game's more fun with the Big Easy in the mix.