Ellis touched by LPGA outpouring


RICHMOND, Texas – Michelle Ellis received a standing ovation when it was announced she was re-elected LPGA president during the players meeting this week at the LPGA Tour Championship.

Ellis helped the tour navigate through one of its most tumultuous seasons while also tending to her ailing father, who died of cancer at the start of September. She spent most of the summer in her Australian homeland helping her family. While juggling family and serious LPGA issues during the ouster of commissioner Carolyn Bivens, Ellis’ game suffered. She didn’t make a cut in 13 tour starts this year.

Ellis said the standing ovation touched her deeply.

“Of all the good things that have happened to me in my career, that’s right up there at the top of them,” Ellis said.

Ellis, a nine-year veteran, said she’s dedicated to reviving her game, starting with her play in the Australian women’s events next month.