Euros out-tweeting Americans


Remembering back in the year of golf should include some reference to the growing impact of Twitter.

Tiger Woods joined this year, but the No. 2 player in the world is being overshadowed by the tweets of the No. 1 player, Lee Westwood, who also joined.

In fact, the Europeans are overshadowing the Americans in this medium just like they did in the game this year.

From Westwood’s outrage over Rory McIlroy’s “snub” in PGA Tour Rookie of the Year voting to Ian Poulter’s outrage over Westwood and Graeme McDowell being slighted in BBC Sport Personality of the Year voting, the Europeans have a lot more to say beyond the inane “what’s for breakfast?” tweets we usually get in golf.

For years around the Ryder Cup, we’ve heard how much more camaraderie there is among the Euros. Now, we’re seeing it, or, better yet, reading it. The Twitter banter among Westwood, McDowell, Poulter, Rory McIlroy and agent Chubby Chandler can be quite entertaining. A lot of us first saw that BBC Sports Personality of the Year video promotion through Twitter links. That’s the “Dream” video where McDowell’s sleeping with his trophies and Poulter and McIlroy sneak into his room and steal them away. It’s yet another example of the unique relationships the Euros have.

Former American Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger rivals any Euro in entertainment value of tweets, but he lacks a “Twitter Pod' that would give him more golf mates to banter with. The Americans don’t banter/tweet much among each other beyond Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler. But let's be clear here, in the grand scheme of things, tweeting is hardly important or required. I'm not saying that. I’ll take the golf over the tweets anytime. But it’s interesting to see the interaction among Europe’s best. It's definitely added something for fans of the game.