Familiar excuse: Tiger can't adjust to green speeds


Why did Tiger Woods fail to win the 142nd Open Championship? Because he couldn't adjust properly to the speed of Muirfield’s greens, he said. That seems to be a recurring theme (or excuse) in Tiger’s losses this year.

Sunday, Open Championship at Muirfield

Q. Talk about your day, please.

TIGER WOODS: You know what, I had a hard time adjusting to the speeds. They were much slower today, much softer. I don't think I got too many putts to the hole today. I really had a hard time and left myself a couple of long lag putts early on when it was really blowing, and left them way short and didn't make those putts. I didn't really play that poorly. I hit a couple of bad shots at 10, 11, that was about it and at 3. But other than that I really hit the ball well today. I was just – I just couldn't ever get the pace of these things.

Q. What are you going to take away from the week? What's your assessment?

TIGER WOODS: I'm very pleased with the way I'm playing, there's no doubt. I'm right there and I hit a ton of good shots this week, and the only thing that I would look back on this week is I just never got the speed after the first day, because it progressively got slower. I thought today they would be faster, given it's Sunday, and I thought they would let it go, but they actually got it even softer.

Q. Obviously you put yourself there again, will you take the positives away or are you kicking yourself at all?

TIGER WOODS: Overall I've been very positive about how I played this week, and as I said, the frustrating part is I didn't get the speed. As the greens got slower, I had a harder time adjusting and hitting the putts harder because that first day I think it got to a lot of us that played in the afternoon. They were really quick and they kept getting faster and faster. As the week went on they got slower.

Sunday, U.S. Open at Merion

Q.  The way you putted, is that something you could work on?

TIGER WOODS:  I struggled with the speed all week. These greens are grainy. It's one of the older bent grasses, creeping bent. So it's a little bit grainy. I struggled with the speed, especially right around the hole, putts were breaking a lot more, I gave it a little more break and then it would hang. That's kind of the way it was this week.

Sunday, Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village

Q.  Was any one thing missing?

TIGER WOODS:  I didn't putt very well. I had bad speed all week. I thought the greens didn't look that fast, but they were putting fast. I could never get the speed of them.

Sunday, Masters Tournament at Augusta National

Q.  What was the course like today?

TIGER WOODS:  I just thought the greens were so slow. Yesterday they were so quick and dried out and today they were so much slower. And that was before it even rained. Once it rained it got even slower. From the first eight holes I think I left every putt short.

Q.  What do you take away from this week?

TIGER WOODS:  That I played well. I certainly missed my share of putts today, actually this week. I also made a bunch, too. So it's one of those things where this golf course was playing a little bit tricky, we had four different green speeds out there and I couldn't believe how slow they were the first two days, yesterday I couldn't believe how fast they were, and then today it was another different speed again. 

Q.  You needed sort of a burst on the front nine to really get in there and didn't have it, in fact you went the other way. Disappointing, obviously. 

TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I really struggled with the green speeds starting out. I couldn't believe how much slower they were, even before it rained. I just couldn't believe how slow they were starting out. Because yesterday they were so fast and they were crusty, they were running out, and I think the first eight holes I didn't think I got a putt to the hole. Everything was short or low sided. So finally on 9 I said I'm going to hit this putt past the hole and it just snuck in on the front lip.