Family supporting Smith


Earlier this year, 'The Truck' was hauled in to the parking lot at TPC Sawgrass to celebrate 20 years since the inception of the Nationwide Tour.  The Nationwide Tour operations truck is the dinner-table of sorts to a very tight-knit family.  It was a testament to the Nationwide Tour 'family', which is a fraternity that every former player is proud to claim.  That Monday night party during the week of The Players was quite a success and many of the Nationwide Tour's alumnus were on hand to share their fond memories.

On Monday, an even bigger fraternity will reuinte to show their support for a friend.  It will be a very somber occasion that will demonstrate the bond that exists amongst members of this extremely tight community.

Golf is an individual pursuit that involves no teammates, yet when one of its 'brothers' is in need, the rest of the individuals are there for him.

Brett Quigley qualified for the British Open on Sunday at the John Deere Classic, but he's not going.  Instead, he's going to Peru, Ind., to be there for his friend Chris Smith and attend the visitation and funeral services for Chris' wife, Beth, who was tragically killed in a car accident three weeks ago. 

Brett will join a great number of other 'fraternity brothers' in attending and letting Chris know that they'll always be there for him whenever he needs them.  Chris would be the first one there for others if the situation were different, but this week he'll certainly be reminded of what his extended family is capable of.

Nothing can ease the pain that Chris and his family are enduring, but when his wife is laid to rest Tuesday, he'll know that his profession is replete with a great many people of similar character to his, and that they'll do anything they possibly can to help.