Fay: Likely 'no edits at all' to proposed anchor ban


David Fay, the former executive director of the USGA, said Tuesday on Golf Channel that there “will probably be no edits at all” to the governing bodies’ original proposal to ban the anchored stroke.

After proposing the new rule in late November, the USGA and R&A went through a 90-day comment period and have said repeatedly that an official announcement would be made sometime in the spring.

On Golf Channel’s “Live From The Players,” Fay said that when the governing bodies looked at anchoring from 1987-89, they were more concerned with the length of the putter rather than the actual stroke. 

“Maybe we blew it,” he said.

Fay also said that the governing bodies likely were surprised by the pushback from both the PGA of America and the PGA Tour, and that he was puzzled that the process wasn’t more cohesive.

“I worry that maybe the R&A and USGA have expended a little bit too much goodwill capital with the other organizations that they’re going to have to work with going forward to possibly address some bigger issues,” he said.