Featured Match Mickelson vs Fowler


2005 WGC Accenture Match PlayMARANA, Ariz. – GolfChannel.com senior writer Rex Hoggard is at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain for the second round of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. He is providing a running blog for the 12:46 p.m. ET match between (1) Phil Mickelson and (8) Rickie Fowler. For complete scoring of all 16 matches, click here.

(3:48 p.m. ET) As Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson approached the 13th green, the crowd began a chorus of 'USA, USA' chants, but we're not sure which American they were pulling for.

Had this been the Ryder Cup, the chant 'Ole, ole, ole' may have been more appropriate considering Fowler's 6-and-5 victory.

(3:45 p.m. ET) Rickie Fowler closed out Phil Mickelson at Dove Mountain's 13th hole, a 6-and-5 walkover that featured plenty of low scoring, all of it from Fowler.

'We only played four holes on the backside and he played them in 5 under,' Mickelson said. 'I got outplayed.'

(3:28 p.m. ET) A word on body language. Rickie Fowler walked off Dove Mountain's 12th hole looking like a man who was 6-under since the third hole and 5 up on his opponent.

Phil Mickelson on the other hand walked off the 12th looking like a man who just missed a 4-footer for birdie and would rather be anywhere else.

And that sums up the day's marquee match.

(3:16 p.m. ET) Rickie Fowler continues to hammer Phil Mickelson in Round 2 at the WGC-Match Play, rolling in a 12-footer for eagle at the 11th hole to go five holes ahead.

Can't help but think that this isn't exactly what PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem had in mind when he concocted this year's young-vs.-old theme.

(2:59 p.m. ET) Rickie Fowler chips in on the 10th hole to go 4 up on Phil Mickelson at Dove Mountain and we can't help but think that's not respecting your elders.

Really good golf, however.

(2:41 p.m. ET) In one of the all-time good moves, Phil Mickelson's caddie Jim Mackay gave Rickie Fowler's looper his seat on the U.S. Ryder Cup charter last year because Bones thought it was important for the rookie bagman to experience it.

Can't help but think it could create a little goodwill in the duo's second-round match at Dove Mountain, but no such luck.

Mickelson missed a 6-footer for birdie at the eighth hole and the fairway and green at the ninth hole to fall three holes down at the turn. 

(2:19 p.m. ET) Made it 40 holes at the WGC-Match Play before being run down by the jumping cholla. The devil's weed got your correspondent on the eight hole.

Can't say for certain but we thought we saw Phil Mickelson, who trails Rickie Fowler by a hole, laugh as he went by.

(1:50 p.m. ET) So much for the short-game clinic. Phil Mickelson hit his chip thin, albeit from a bad lie, at the fifth hole and failed to make par.

Fowler on the other hand calmly rolled in a 25 footer for birdie to go 1 up.

Advantage Gen Y.

(1:42 p.m. ET) Rickie Fowler, in bright pink, birdies the fourth at Dove Mountain to square his match with Phil Mickelson, who is sporting a bright orange shirt.

Get the feeling Ian Poulter is back in Orlando, Fla., throwing things at his TV.

(1:30 p.m. ET) It takes Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler nearly 40 minutes to play three holes at Dove Mountain.

You do the math, Fowler one of the fastest players on the PGA Tour is two groups behind Ben Crane who is one of the, well you know.

(1:25 p.m. ET) In what appears to be the short-game clinic of the day's matches at Dove Mountain, Phil Mickelson scrambles for par at the third hole, Rickie Fowler does not from an impossible lie short of the green.

Advantage Lefty (1 up).

(1:13 p.m. ET) It was Phil Mickelson at his short-game best at Dove Mountain's second hole on Thursday.

From short of the green Lefty bumps a chip into the bank for a conceded birdie. His opponent Rickie Fowler isn't too shabby either. He flops his third to 3 feet to keep the match all square.

(1:03 p.m. ET) Phil Mickelson quickly dismissed the idea when asked earlier this year at Torrey Pines if he planned to join the growing list of PGA Tour players who Tweet.
That makes his second-round match with Twitter diehard Rickie Fowler so interesting.
As one golf scribe joked as the two teed off on Wednesday at Dove Mountain, 'Rickie Tweets 'Go Time' and Phil would Tweet 'It's go to lunch time.''