Finchem Doom and Gloom needs to go away


PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem gave his yearly “State of the Tour” media blitz on Thursday, a tour that included stops at CNBC, Golf Channel and a national media press conference.

Among the highlights Finchem focused on Tiger Woods’ potential long-term hiatus from the Tour and the economic stability of the circuit in a down economy.

“We never seriously considered these issues in his personal life ‘conduct unbecoming,’” Finchem said when asked if Woods’ ongoing issues would rate a suspension like the one issued to John Daly last year.

The commissioner was also asked if the Tour was concerned about reports linking Woods to a Canadian doctor who is under investigation for possession of HGH: “There are a lot of doctors linked to HGH,” he said. “There’s no reason for me to be concerned.”

Finally, Finchem added a rare moment of levity in regard to the state of the Tour without Woods: “The rumor I keep a flask in my desk is not correct,” laughed Finchem, referring to a 'Saturday Night Live' segment last week that parodied the commish. “The doom and gloom needs to go away.”