Finchem considers more tinkering with FedEx Cup


On Tuesday at East Lake Golf Course, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said there may be tinkering with the current FedEx Cup format going forward, just don’t expect a major overhaul any time soon.

For the second consecutive year Finchem said the Tour is pleased with the amount of volatility in the current playoff system, which was dramatically revamped following the 2008 postseason and has remained virtually unchanged the last few years. It has been a lack of activity that the commissioner said has been by design.

“The amount of volatility early in the playoffs, you can debate that back and forth. I’m sure we’ll continue to debate it, but a couple of years ago we decided to just take a break and see how things work out,” Finchem said.

“I wouldn’t speculate that we would change anything, but on the other hand this is not a system where there is any right and wrong.”

As for the future of the FedEx Cup, Finchem also didn’t expect any major changes, particularly to its umbrella sponsor. He said the Tour delayed beginning its negotiations with FedEx until after the circuit completed its talks with the television networks, which wrapped up three weeks ago.

“So much of what they do is based on television,” said Finchem, while adding that he doesn’t envision a problem moving forward with FedEx or any of the other sponsors despite widespread concerns over Tiger Woods’ prolonged slump.

“There was always an overstatement of the problem. If you have a dominant player, and let me say Tiger could start being a dominant player again in the next few weeks, the negativity was overstated,” Finchem said. “On the other hand there is a real interest in a number of younger players and sponsors feed off of what the galleries are doing. It’s been very interesting.”