Fine tuned flatstick


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – As for our other slightly off-Broadway leader George McNeill and his “pseudo playoff beard,” one of the circuit’s most likeable players has always been a solid ballstriker but he’s never been referred to as the “Boss of the South Florida Moss.”

That has started to change thanks to Cog Hill-based putting guru Kevin Weeks who began working with McNeill this spring in New Orleans. Last month Weeks gave McNeill a putting tip at the Open that created a more fluid putting arch and the results (he needed just 25 putts on Day 3 at Disney) have been dramatic.

“Before, when I had a 40 footer I wanted to get my first putt somewhere close so I could get my next putt close enough I might have a tap-in for my third,” he smiled. “Now, I feel like I have a decent chance of making a 40 footer.”