Five swings: All Kuchar needed for career success


It didn't take Matt Kuchar long to understand what swing instructor Chris O'Connell wanted him to do.

'Chris believes if you plug the right stuff in, then you're going to get good results,' Kuchar said Tuesday on 'Morning Drive.' 'It's not one of these trial-and-error things.'

Kuchar said it took five swings in 2006 to become comfortable with the swing that now defines his career, which includes last week's Players Championship to go along with three other PGA Tour wins. Immediately confident in the results, Kuchar trusted his new action quickly.

'When you're getting good results immediately,' he said, 'it's easy to believe in it, trust it and keep doing it.'

Most observe the flatness in Kuchar's backswing, which serves as the anchor point for what he is trying to achieve with the rest of his swing – keeping his hands lower at impact and swing more around the body. The biggest thing O'Connell changed, however, may have been the way Kuchar aims the ball.

'[Chris] said, 'We've got to stop you from aiming left,’' Kuchar explained. ''You end up hanging on and the club flips over. We've got to get you aiming at the target or even to the right of the target, hitting it to the left and letting it cut back to the right.''