Flagged down: NASCAR won't let Bubba drive


Bubba Watson will not get a chance to take a lap around Phoenix International Raceway, NASCAR announced Friday.

Watson had planned to take a lap with the original General Lee from 'The Dukes of Hazzard' he recently purchased at auction ahead of a March 4 race in his home state.

The stock car body and track owner nixed the opportunity because the car is painted with the Confederate flag, potentially conjuring a negative reaction.

'The image of the Confederate flag is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive,' said NASCAR and former LPGA spokesman David Higdon in a statement Friday.

Watson, playing in the Northern Trust Open this week, was disappointed with the decision.

'Two days ago, they called my manager and said we can't do it, that NASCAR pulled the plug on it,' Watson said, according to the Associated Press.

'They said the reason was the Confederate flag on top. I understand if I was using it in that form. But I bought because it's (number) 01, from the TV show, and who doesn't want a car that's been jumped (in a TV stunt)? The TV show was about moonshining, driving in the backwoods in those days.'

Watson said there is no association between him, the car's paint job and a negative interpretation of the Confederate flag.

'Obviously, I don't stand for the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag was not used (in the show) for what people see it as today, so that's sad,' he said.